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Adventuredome Theme Park Photo
The desert may be scorching hot outside, but here in this 5acre/2ha, fully enclosed elevated theme park - the largest spaceframe dome in America - the temperature stays a comfortable 22°C/72°F all year round. Grand Slam Canyon is designed to look like a desert with a large rock canyon that gives way to caverns, pinnacles and steep cliffs, while a stream flows gently through the lush landscape. read more...
Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art Photo
This originally opened to show off the previous owner Steve Wynn's masterpieces, which included Rembrandts, Monets and Picassos, but he took the paintings with him when he sold the hotel to the MGM Grand. Now it showcases travelling art exhibitions and is theoretically non-profit-making. read more...
CBS Television City Photo
A research centre that allows audiences to view TV shows in production and comment on them. read more...
Circus acts at Circus Circus Photo
World-renowned circus acts include African acrobats, a 14-year-old contortionist, a stiltwalking juggler and a blindfolded triple somersault, all in the world's largest permanent circus. read more...
Eiffel Tower Experience Photo
You take a lift to about two-thirds of the way up the replica Eiffel Tower and then look out at the desert through an iron mesh. The hotel's tower is, in fact, only twothirds of the height of the real Eiffel Tower, so your view is blocked by many of the tall buildings about. read more...
Exotics Racing Photo
Fast cars may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think "Vegas" but driving a Ferrari around a race track fits in perfectly with a trip to Sin City. Exotics Racing bills itself as the ultimate driving experience and it is hard to argue with. It is like playing Gran Turismo 5 but only for real. read more...
Fremont Street Experience Photo
Towering 90ft/27.4m above 4 of the blocks of the Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall in Downtown is a massive space-frame lit up by 12.5 million lights and 540,000 watts of sound. read more...
Gondola rides Photo
Supplying the full Venetian experience, the hotel puts on indoor gondola rides around the Grand Canal Shoppes. They're pricey, but still cheaper than gondola rides in Venice! Tours start from St Mark's Square. Better yet are the newest outdoor gondola rides by the main entrance of the Doge's Palace. read more...
Lake of Dreams Photo
This secluded 3-acre/l .2-ha lake surrounded by a lush forest is a tranquil idyll in the midst of the city and provides free vantage points to view the water and light show if you don't want to wander into one of the bars and restaurants. read more...
Lion Habitat Photo
In this $9m multi-level lion habitat at the MGM Grand, visitors are encircled by lions and cubs via a see-through glass tunnel running through it. Out of 31 lions cared for on a ranch by a veteran animal trainer, up to 7 can be viewed here at any time. read more...
Luxor exhibitions Photo
Bodies - the Exhibition: Showcaseing 21 real bodies and 260 organs dissected - not for the squeamish but a fascinating look into our system and a wake-up call for a healthy lifestyle! Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition: This tells the story behind the ill-fated journey of the 'Ship of Dreams' with more than 300 artifacts recovered from below the icy Atlantic - whose temperatures can be felt on the read more...
Masquerade Show in the Sky Photo
A $25m Disney-esque spectacle in which dozens of Mardi Gras floats containing exotically costumed dancers literally 'float' about 20ft/6m above your head accompanied by music. Different shows on different nights; on Mon-Wed, they're accompanied by hot live Latin rhythms. read more...
Mirage Volcano Photo
The newest free show on the Strip, this man-made wonder blasts fireballs 12ft/ 3.7m into the air with fiery lava flames flowing down its sides into the lagoon, close enough for spectators to feel the heat. The accompanying soundtrack was composed by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and Indian tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain. read more...
Mystic Falls Park Photo
The fountains at Mystic Falls Park shoot eight stories into the air and the waters dance in the lights to a symphonic score recorded especially for Sam's Town by the Indianapolis Philharmonic Orchestra. read more...
Observation Deck Stratosphere Tower Photo
Take a ride up the Stratosphere's lifts to the top of the tallest free-standing observation tower in America, which has an indoor and outdoor observation deck where all the landmarks seen from different points of the circular deck are explained. The best time of day to see the Strip is just before sunset when you can make out all the landmarks before the town goes dark and everything lights up. read more...
Shark Reef Photo
An aquarium you walk underneath so you are completely surrounded by water giving you a 360 degree view of some of the world's most dangerous aquatic animals and fish from the world's tropical waters. More than 2,000 animals can be seen here in 14 exhibits from a 100-ft/30-m nurse shark to a tiny clown fish. read more...
Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat Photo
Here is your chance to get a closer look at the rare breeds of animal that Siegfried and Roy used in their magical illusion show. The $15m, 2.5acre/lha natural Secret Garden habitat was specially built to house their white tigers, lions, panthers, snow leopards and Asian elephants. Next door is the massive Dolphin Habitat, which is home to a family of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. read more...
Sirens of TI Photo
A rowdy bunch of buccaneers do battle against alluring but treacherous Sirens in a spectacle full of singing, sword play, canon shots and, of course, at least one walking off the plank. read more...
Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides Photo
Four extreme thrill rides are found here. The Big Shot thrusts 16 passengers 160ft/50m into the air along the 228ft/70m spire at speeds of around 45mph/72kph, producing up to 4Gs with negative Gs on the way back down. read more...
Streetmosphere at the Grand canal Shoppes Photo
Street performers, Artiste del Arte - singers, actors and entertainers who put on shows throughout the day - Living Statues and The Venetian Trio - who offer elegant music in the evening - all adds fun to the shopping experience. Most of the action is around St Mark's Square. read more...
The Fountains of Bellagio Photo
An incredibly stunning visual and audio experience as the now world-famous fountains set in an 8-acre/3-ha lake perform carefully choreographed movements in time to operatic, classical and whimsical music. read more...
The Roller Coaster at NYNY Photo
Based on the kind of roller-coaster that made Coney Island in the real New York so famous, the Roller Coaster twists, loops and dives around the perimeter and even through the New York-New York hotel, which can be a worry when you are sitting in 'Central Park' and hear a roar and rattling through the rafters. read more...
The Tank Photo
Although The Tank is mainly for guests staying at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas, sometimes staff will let you slip in. The Tank is a new $30M pool complex which includes a 3-storey waterslide. But by far the coolest part is the shark tank! The Tank is designed so that while going down the water slide, you pass through a tube which goes straight through the middle of the sharks. read more...
The Wynn Collection Photo
Steve Wynn's own private collection is scattered around the resort, including Picasso's Le Reve (which inspired the Wynn Las Vegas), Matisse's The Persian Robe and Pineapples and Anemones, as well as Manet's Portrait of Mademoiselle Suzette Lemaire in Profile. read more...
Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Photo
Encircled by luscious pine, palm and magnolia trees, this is the only place in town where you can get an up close view of flamingos. With over 300 birds to be seen, including Impeyan and silver pheasants along with Gambel's quails, a crown crane and ducks, as well as koi and turtles. read more...
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