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About Us

Having visited Vegas many, many times, we believed that there is a void in the UK market. There are plenty of Vegas sites that are written for Americans, by Americans and to be fair most of them are good and we would always tell people to take a look at them. However we felt that there wasnít any detailed Vegas sites aimed at The UK market, so we decided to build our own.

The real advantage of our site though is our live, interactive VegasBaby assistant.

No matter what time you visit the site, if you have a question about a hotel, restaurant, airline or just want to share your experiences, you are able to engage in a live text conversation with our VegasBaby assistant. We believe we are the only Vegas site to offer this service and best of all itís free.

We are not a travel agent, all travel bookings made are through one of our third party partners. All the companies we promote have been reviewed by us to ensure that they are of a standard that we would personally find acceptable. Our flights and package holidays are provided through our partner travel agent, Expedia *. We will also offer hotel only specials that we have negotiated direct with the hotels, which enables you to book direct with the property and receive the best deals out there * In addition we havenít forgotten about restaurants, clubs, experiences and excursions and have negotiated some great deals for your visit to Vegas *.

As time goes by, our site content will grow and we want everyone that loves Vegas to be part of that. So for all your bookings, reviews and Vegas news, its VegasBaby!!

* Please refer to the individual third party T&Cís when booking.

Book your Vegas trip through and you will receive free VIP nightclub access for your whole party for 1 night. Thatís a saving of as much as $320 for a group of 4!! Ė Cause we care!! Simply email your booking confirmation code, names and date you wish to go to a club and we will do the rest.

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