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Adventuredome Theme Park

Reservations: 702 794 3939
The desert may be scorching hot outside, but here in this 5acre/2ha, fully enclosed elevated theme park - the largest spaceframe dome in America - the temperature stays a comfortable 22°C/72°F all year round. Grand Slam Canyon is designed to look like a desert with a large rock canyon that gives way to caverns, pinnacles and steep cliffs, while a stream flows gently through the lush landscape. But this canyon is home to prehistoric creatures - well, lifesized replicas of them at least! - that make themselves known between two 140ft/43m peaks, a fossil wall, archaeological dig and a replica of an Indian cliff dwelling. The 25 rides and attractions in the adventuredome divide into Premium Rides, Large Rides, Junior Rides, Family Rides and Featured Attractions. Below are some of the most popular.
Location Circus Circus 
Opening Hours  
Cost Entrance to the park is free; you just pay for the rides of your life! The main thrill rides cost $4 - 7 each or you can buy an All Day Ride Pass at $24.95 for people 4ft/1.2m tall or taller and $14.95 for those under 4ft/1.2m. Children under 2' 9"/84cm ride free with an adult. 
CANYON BLASTER The Canyon Blaster is the only indoor, double-loop, double-corkscrew roller-coaster in America, and sends you careening between canyon walls at 55mph/86kph. The 2-minute long Inverter involves a 360-degree rotation in which you are held upside-down with only a harness and a Tbar separating you from the concrete floor 50ft/15m below.
CHAOS TWIRLS Chaos twirls and whirls you anticlockwise, backwards and upside-down on a circular platform amid the tracks of the Canyon Blaster. Lasting 2 minutes, it creates a 3-D effect as you rise, tilt and spin all at the same time, and due to the variation in speed and motion, no 2 rides are the same.
SLING SHOT In the Sling Shot you are shot up a tower at 4Gs of acceleration and then shot straight back down again.
RIM RUNNER The Rim Runner is a more relaxing ride, taking you on a scenic journey through botanical landscaping before plunging over a heart-stopping 60ft/18m waterfall.
LAZER BLAST Lazer Blast is where sharpshooters take part in a high-tech war. There are also bumper cars and a swinging ship, plus an IMAX simulator thrill ride. Younger children are well catered for from plane and train rides to bumper-mobiles, plus strolling entertainers who juggle, mime and do magic tricks. One of the newer rides to try is Disk'O which once you're strapped in, rocks and spins you at the same time. Open: Daily from 10am. It closes at 6pm Mon-Thurs, midnight Fri and Sat and 8pm Sun, though exact hours may vary according to the seasons - in September it opens at 1 lam for example, so do check.
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